SapnaDeoProfessor Sapna K. Deo, PhD

We are a bionanotechnology research lab in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine located in Miami, Florida. We develop novel biotechnology tools employing luminescent proteins and inorganic probes. Our expertise is in the development of rapid, portable, inexpensive, paper fluidic-based, instrument-free method of pathogen detection based on their genetic material. In that regard we are working on paper-based platform for the detection of TB and HPV. We are also working on the development of sensing systems for different classes of RNAs, including rare, small RNAs such as miRNAs. We capitalize on the high sensitivity of detection associated with luminescent proteins and combine it with one-step detection methods such as protein reassembly and bioluminescence resonance energy transfer in order to develop highly sensitive, fast detection methods for nucleic acid biomarkers. Another focus area of our work in the development of targeted delivery of biomolecules for therapeutic purposes.